Trinity : Japanese School of Classic British Motorcycles

It is always humbling to see the respect, the passion and the efforts Japanese people invest in their love of all things British. And generally done with an enthusiastic professionalism with which they make it very clear why in 60 years - and having been burned and nuked to the ground - their's is the 2nd strongest economy in the world and Britain is slipping down to be a gutter of a Third World nation. The innate Japanese sense of understated cool, the appreciation of fine aesthetics, the sense of independent defiance that has set them apart from other Asian nations. It is something that a lot of Westerners find very difficult and try hard to diminish by using negative racial stereotypes.

May be it is a sense of Wabi Sabi, seeing beauty in the worn, raw, humble & imperfect, or perhaps something of the Bushido spirit that gives them such a feel for fine metal and armoury but Classic Brit and Rocker syle come very easy to their hands. Likewise, it is fair to say it has also turned up recently in some of the finest classic bobbers and lean lowriders in the world, on the Harley side of life.

This gallery is contains pictures taken of Trinity School of Classic British Motorcycles. Trinity School runs regular in depth class in running and restoring Classic Brit Iron to full classes, impressive including many women. They enjoy a full social scene around the schools that includes traditional pursuits to Gaijin of road runs and roadside fettling, combined with enviable traditional Japanese pastimes as group visits to ryokans [ inns ] and onsen [ hot baths ]. Hands up those of you who would wish they could get some of their road riding partners to bathe more often! More information as it become available.

Please click on the logo to the left to visit their Japanese only website. Check out the fine, ecletic collection of hardware in these photos. No identikit, one brand fits all attitude here. And if you had any idea how tough and how expensive it is to own, run and pass a large capacity motorcycle licence, you would be even more impressed that they don't just chose to go ride a plastic crotch rocket.

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